The team visits remote villages that are completely strayed from the urban life with an aim to enlighten people about education so that they could themselves design the bright future of their children. Ek Lakshya Foundation takes up the initiative of setting up campaigns, workshops in these remote villages helping the little ones with basics of reading, writing and speaking too. They also make sure these children have proper stationary for their unstoppable growth.
Sponsoring a child is one of the most effective, inspiring and rewarding ways to help children in transforming them that in turn would transform our Country & the World . It’ll be a great gesture from your end as you’ll be doing much more than just helping these children to meet basic needs. By this you are making them well equipped for life. An everlasting change in their lives through your sponsorship you’ll also be improving the lives of many other vulnerable children as you would become a torch bearer for them.
It is a precious gift that you’ll be giving them.

We believe that homeless people too have the right to live with dignity, in peace and security. Therefore in order to help these homeless we try to manage basic needs such as shelters, medical care, clothes etc. Ek Lakshya Foundation takes this positive step towards helping the homeless reaching them through the best services. We provide them assistance making big grounds for individual support, shelter, funding, awareness initiatives etc. Our team running through the edges working to reduce homelessness country-wide. We want to help anyone and everyone in our country in order to make it a developed nation.

  Feed the Children’s domestic programs are focused on the distribution of food and essential items to families and children. Corporate partners work with Feed the Children to donate cash, food, essentials and other gift-in-kind items. 
  In India, over one lakh people die of water-borne diseases annually. Our country is facing a huge challenge in ensuring safe water supply. We focus on improving access to water. 
Kids who are unable to show their talent, we give them an opportunity & a platform to bring it out and show it to the world by hosting events in their villages .


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