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Feed for hungry child

The right to food is one of the human rights, yet crores of people sleep hungry and even die of hunger every year. Therefore it becomes imperative to emphasis the need to ensure food security, and nutritious diet for everyone.There couldn’t have been a better way than facilitating the handling and distribution of food assistance to reach vulnerable people to donate and bring some cheer on these faces.

Charity For Education in Villages

Ek Lakshya Foundation plays a major role in organizing education development campaigns focusing on raising funds to Teach these gems and also help them in buying school uniforms or supplies like textbooks and pencils etc.while overlooking the underlying social, economic status that cause children to not attend school or even drop-out .

Help for homeless

Ek Lakshya Foundation takes this positive step towards helping the homeless reaching them through the best services. We provide them assistance making big grounds for individual support, shelter, funding, awareness initiatives etc. Our team running through the edges working to reduce homelessness country-wide. We want to help anyone and everyone in our country in order to make it a developed nation.


Ram the man behind thousand underprivileged children's smile and Official Director of Ek Lakshya Foundation

Deepak Kanojia
(Co Founder)

Dedicated social worker he left the Job From Travel Company and Engaged him as a Full Time Social Activist and Worker

Lokesh Patel

A businessmen Turned into socialite, after 15 years of professional life dedicated himself completely to society, has been the driving force of this organisation

Amey Yadav
(Secretory )

Business head in a elite lubricant company, with a vision to provide platform to coming generations where all can understand the true meaning of peace and love, live his life on basic principle of Giving and forgiving

Address: A-48 Ground Floor, Mohan Garden Uttam Nagar New Delhi 110059
Contact: +91 9971908269
Timing : 10AM-07PM Monday - Saturday

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